“History is history” -grandpa

I spent some time ‘interviewing’ gramma and grampa today. I wanted to know more about their childhood because they didn’t volunteer their stories. I wanted to hear what their thoughts were on what kind of changes they had seen in the world in their day. I didnt prepare a script, I just asked questions as they seemed to fit. I didnt find out a whole lot of new information but that my great grandpa Shorting picked and sold seneca root. Gramma grew up in the city after age 2. Her family would go home for the summer but there were never any kids around. When she asked where they were, she was told “they are at school”. Some cousins she never saw again.

Grandpa made a few comments but said to me “dont write that down”.

On the other hand, his dad told him to find out how his great relatives worked with Lious Riel.

Author: Jessica Dumas

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