How well can you sell, or how well can I?

So, today i expose myself some more. Hahaha, ohmygoodness, I laughed a lot before posting this and still, i will continue for a long time, to laugh at this video. But that’s life right? I’ve learned to “laugh about it”, you already know that I beleive life is too short and i’m gonna make it good…and if that be putting myself out there, if only but to qualify for a contest and have a good laugh…so be it. Please, I hope you laugh with me!!!

I am a big fan of Laurel Langemeier. On my Youtube feed last week, I saw this video explaining how to win free tickets to Laurel’s 3 Days to Cash workshop. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET LORAL! She’s incredible. I first saw her on The Secret. She said we have to train our minds on the thougts of money, to beleive that “Money comes easily and frequently”. She further explains that it’s going to be hard, your mind will play games and say “that’s a lie, it’s hard”. Well I have this fight in my thoughts. Loral Langemeier has a niche for reading what peoples best skills for making money off the skills they use best. Her website bio says “Loral Langemeier is living proof that it makes no difference where you start in life; anyone can have the life of his or her dreams. Loral is a money expert, sought after speaker, best selling author and President and CEO of Live Out Loud, Inc. – a wealth coaching company.” (

So if you feel that my message is convincing enough that I could sell you my product, please “like” my video. You must have a youtube account. Facebook “likes” dont count.

Peace and giggles people!

Live a good full life and don’t look back


I lost a baby brother 8 years ago. Okay, he wasnt a baby, but he was 8 years younger than me. He was 18. In a lot of ways it made me have to grow up and take care of some serius business for my mom. What it taught me the most was to appreciate life. People often tell me that I am always “so positive” and that if they called me when they were down, they felt better at the end of our conversation. I feel good about that. I work hard on “self development” to make myself that way but I truly beleive that the gifts I share are from Creator God and not from myself.

I looked at my Matthew & Leon tattoo yesterday, (Leon was my cousin, also 18 years old when he died, 14 months after Matthew, they were best friends), and I started crying and could not stop. I havent looked at this tattoo in a long time, the way I did last night. It was as if something jumped out to me to say “Hey, Remember!” and it occoured to me that with all of my heart and all of my wishes, I am meant to have the most fulfilling good life, because life is so short and it breaks my heart that Matthew and Leon didnt have a chance to make that declaration in their life.

Matthew and Leon, two aboriginal boys grown up in the North End, learning, maybe slowly or not at all, the possibilities of life. Maybe thay had hopes and dreams and wishes, that they never had the chance to develop into words, yet alone actions. Maybe they didnt know that they could have dreams. Because no one told me that when I was 18.

Today I dream big. Sometimes I think “maybe I should shut up? I havent accomplished a lot on my list of goals.” But maybe I should keep going and keep beleiving that I can reach those goals. Maybe I can’t tell Matthew and Leon that they can be anything they want to be, but I do ask most young people I meet “What do you want to do when you graduate high school?”. My intention with that question is to plants two seeds: 1. Me, graduate high school? and 2. What will I do after high school? Again, I ask these questions because no one ever asked me that when I was 18.

One of my many goals is to make life fun, rich and peaceful and do what I want to do and not to let obstacles stop me. I want to speak my mind and know and accept that I can be incredible. I always beleive that life can only get better and all the dreams and desires in our hearts are only for us and we give life to those dreams if we want to. I wish for everyone world peace, just kidding, I wish that people would be more confident in the fact that they can be awesome, and not let obstacles stop you and feel like you have to succumb your dreams to the views of what other people think.

I have lots of dreams.


It took me a while to really catch the “twitter” fever and actually tweet on a (semi) regular basis. I thought about blogging a long time ago because I have thoughts I want to share, but procrastinate (the formula for failure) because I think I don’t have the time or won’t be able to complete a paragraph with one thought. Another reason is that because most of every activity I start, I am sure to be interrupted by one of my three boys! So here I am again, blogging. I made a decision. I am going to do less worrying about “I will have to do too much editing before I want anyone to read it”. Reason being, maybe no one will read it anyway. Maybe blogging is like the old version of “dear diary”, which I didn’t trust because “What if someone read it?” How ironic!

My reason for writing today is not about whether or not I will blog. I have decided I will blog. I have been listening to different life coaching/motivating speakers, one that started with watching The Secret. One of my most wonderful best friends came over about three years ago with her portable DVD player and the DVD The Secret that she had borrowed from the library, (A place that I think is an incredible resource and I wish I would have learned that as a child. Note to self: teach children this value,) and she said “I want you to watch this with me”, and that was it. I was obsessed. The messages gave me hope and reasoning. I was proud to find that a lot of the principals were natural instincts that I used in my life already. I just didn’t know it and I didn’t know that they had a name and that I could actually focus them to mold my advantages. I chose a couple of the speakers that shared messages I liked, in The Secret and, I did some research on them, and read their books and implemented their messages in my life.

At this point I am unemployed for 9 months, mind you I have my first university courses in that time. It has been a very emotional roller-coaster for me. I am very thankful to have a wonderful man in my life to help support me through this time, It’s important to have people in your life that support your dreams. My thoughts are always all over, jumping from one spot to the next. I’m finding that the key is to reign them in, (write them down?) and do something with them.  A lot of my personal mind growth has come from accepting the fact that my income has gone down by 50%, and that’s hard to accept when you are raising a family. I’ve applied for pretty big number of jobs, a number that I won’t share at this moment, and the rejection of not getting the first few jobs, hurt! I thought I was a catch.

Starting this week, I decided to make more decisions. I have LOTS of plans and LOTS of ideas. One of them is to start MyScript group. I’ll talk more about that next time… I have a 6 year old calling me right now.