So this girl says to me “Have you ever heard of The Secret?” and I was like “UMMM, YES. I’M SORRY, AM I SCREAMING OUT OF EXCITMENT THAT YOU ASK? I LIVE BY THE LAW OF ATTRACTION EVERY DAY AND I CANT EVER FIND ANYONE TO TALK TO ABOUT IT!”. A problem that I “created” is that the conversation doesnt go much further than that, I think if I get too excited, people will think that I am crazy. Wait a second..that sounds familiar. I often think people might think i’m crazy. Oh well!!

I wrote earlier about how I was immediately obsessed with learning more and more about the Secret and the teachers that share the experiences and wisdom. Laurel Langemeier was one of the taechers, a millionaire maker and Yes! Energy, (The contest i attempted to enter was bunk, YouTube wouldnt allow me to load my video as instructed and no one would return an email, nor could i find a number to call and inquire. Boo!!) and further to her, Bob Proctor is anothr one I follow. Bob’s teachings can be found on YouTube under 11 Forgotten Laws, Pradigm Shifts & It’s not about the money.

and it get’s more exciting..

Bob Proctor refers to Napoleon Hill, so I figured, the best thing for me to do with that information is to look him up! Napoleon Hill is the author of the teachings Think and Grow Rich, a writer on personal success and the power of beliefs. It’s FREE on YouTube
Think and Grow Rich has been revised for the language of the 21st century and can be found in book or audio by Jamie McIntyre.

Napoleon Hill says that each success plan should find the support of a Master Mind Alliance. I am at the point now where I have to talk about my obesession with The Secret because I am not a beginner anymore and I need to find a Master Mind Alliance. But I really dont know how. How do I know who is really that interested and invested in this same mind set? And how do I find out by not sounding crazy?

I think I am relating this obsession to the obsession I had over Twilight. That is when people thought I was nuts. This is not crazy. This is exciting and real. Because as much as I love the warewolf, he is not real.

So I’ve decided to start a group. My plan is to get people together who want to talk about like minded personal success based on the principls of the Secret and any of the above mentioned teachings. It is not going to be a “just show up” kind of thing. I am the Hostess of the group, at a to-be-identified spot, and if you want to be in my group, we wll have a discussion on wheter or not this is the same group you might be interested.

And by the way.. i already have 5 members!

I will continue to grow my personal success on these principals, to which I have never invested more of my own personal time by choice, and loved every minute of it. I will find people who are interested in MyScript group and eventually my Master Mind Alliance will come to me. So far I have had amazing experiences with these teachings.

I would love to share more one on one. the information is free to everyone. The principals and teachings of the Secret should be taught in schools froma young age, that along with Human Rights!

Till next time!

Author: Jessica Dumas

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