It has been many years since I have strolled down Selkirk Avenue. Today, I start a new journey as a project coordinator out of a Selkirk Avenue office. I came in this afternoon to dust off the desk of the previous coordinator, who is closely at reach for all my questions, Thank goodness. And because I am spoiled, I didn’t bring myself a lunch and there is no Tim Hortin’s on the block. Looks like I’ll be driving to Neechie Commons, which is not a bad thing at all!

I went to introduce myself to an E.D. down the street at another network centre, and as usual, in the midst of a conversation, got called Jennifer, no problem, happens all the time. What was most impressive to me today is that north end “renewal” projects have been physically renewing these buildings and workplaces. It’s awesome. As I have driven through these streets last few years, I didn’t know the extent of the positive changes and active business activities that are happening in these places. The flash backs begin.

The office I am working in I immediately remembered as an old antique store as soon as I walked in. My new roomie was generously Freebreezing the place and it was not as dusty as I remember it at all, and it has been replaced with nice and neat, donated office furniture instead of antique collectibles. Hello Non-profit. The lighting was the same, which makes it all the more fascinating.

One of my responsibilities is to get to know the neighbourhood, so I took a walk to a community network office down the street and when I walked in the door, I remembered walking into this same entrance about 20 years ago (OMG, did I just say 20 years ago?) and the building was joined with the next one and it was filled with discounted house hold furniture then. It was mostly clearance priced couches, bunk beds, tables and household accessories. Now it is a beautifully renovated business space. It was very refreshing to see and to meet the people I will be working with in the community.

I’m closer to family in this work location, this will be new to me too. I look forward to more flash backs and hope they are all as refreshing as these ones mentioned. Helping families and communities work better together and safe living in the community will be on my agenda for the next while. See you around!


Author: Jessica Dumas

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