TimeWise Basic Set


My first Mary Kay purchase was in April 2011. It was the TimeWise Basic Set for $88. My best friend Joanne was having her Bridal crew over for a “Mary Kay Party”. It was a fun day, I wish we would have taken a picture. We had snacks, made lots of jokes and got to try great products for free. As the Bridal host, I’m sure Joanne got some nice discounts or gifted products. There is always a treat to being the host.

By that time, I was trying out new facial products and accepted the fact that I would have to pay more than $15 in search of a good quality cleanser. I can’t remember what I started out with, but it was definitely products from Shoppers Drug Mart or Wal-Mart. I started using some of the more expensive products from Shoppers, paying up to $30 or $35 per item. Neo Strata was one that I used for a long time but my skin still didn’t feel refreshed. The moisturizer tingled a little bit when I put it on but it was really just ok. I asked friends what they were using but didn’t  find what I was looking for.

It was about a month after I was using the Mary Kay TimeWise Basic set that I started to get compliments on my skin. I didn’t expect that. People would complement that I look “really great” and actually wave their hand around their face to highlight their focus of their compliment. It was really nice and helps me feel confident about being a Beauty Consultant for the product.

The TimeWise Basic Set comes with a 3-in-1 Cleanser, Age fighting moisturizer and a Matte Foundation that is a perfect match for my skin shade. Plus I got a free concealer! The TimeWise products cleanse, exfoliate, freshen and hydrate while it accelerates the skins natural renewal process.  I am now a diligent user of the TimeWise Miracle Set and won’t go a day without it.

Check out my new 24/7 website www.marykay.ca/JessicaDumas for awesome products & recruitment information, also feel free to contact me to set up a skin care class or free facial. Credit cards accepted.

My Mary Kay business is part time. All products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed with personalized formula for your skin type and customer service.


Author: Jessica Dumas

Follow me on Twitter @https://twitter.com/Jessicadumas01 Facilitator, Indigenous Advisor

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