Lovebirds 2014

Lovebirds 2014

“You are such a romantic” someone once said to me. I got a little embarrassed…but I am so passionate about romance. I think this passion came forward for me when I wrote two separate Maid of Honor speeches a few years ago.

But maybe what I think romance is, and what others think it is, is different. Is romance something that people read about in books? Is romance a tale with fantasy and made up heroes and exaggerated daydreams?

I am a romantic. I believe in love, romantic spirit, courtship and men being gentlemen. John Gray describes your soul mate as being someone who shares all of physical chemistry, emotional chemistry, mental chemistry and spiritual chemistry.

I set out to find some real, true love stories within my networks, to highlight and celebrate examples of couples who I believe are “doing it right” because based on the foundations of a healthy relationship they desire and plan (and work) to keep love alive in their lives. They love each other (and like each other), they are honest, respectable, hardworking people… and I admire what they have. I am however, quite in love as well.

I set out to find the love stories because as a Life Coach, I aim to work with couples. Work with them in the capacity of goal planning and strengthening connections on new levels. I thought the best way to get them involved was to get them involved. I am so thankful that they welcomed this opportunity to celebrate their story. The fact that it fell around Valentine’s Day was not complete coincidence. I thought it was a good time to poke that elephant in the room and get people talking about romance. This project was very welcomed and I’m happy to say that I have more couples to interview which I see as a great year round project.

I know that Love is real and being “in-love” is attainable. A good place to start is that it comes from being content in all areas of your life and includes some self-love, accepting that you deserve to be in love and have the love you want.

Relationships should not be like tabloid relationships; meet someone, date for a week, have sex and maybe learn his middle name. That does not equal the commitment mark and is not a foundation for a long term successful relationship, if you haven’t already noticed.

Women should be courted; we love it, first of all. And this should never stop. If it has stopped, start doing it again and don’t give up. And women need to accept and acknowledge this courtship, receiving of courtship does not mean you jeopardize being a strong independent woman, but allowing him to do the little things (and asking for him to do it is ok too) and really thanking him for doing them, excluding all complaints, will go a real distance.

Important components in a good healthy relationship:
• acceptance, of yourself and each other
• communication, with honesty, understanding plus interesting and enjoyable conversation
• cherishing – each other
• and laughter, lots of laughter.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, I don’t have ‘professional relationship training/expertise’, but I do know what I have learned while feeding my curiosity about loving relationships, reading, talking to people, reading some more and a little bit of experience.

Let me share the true love stories with you, of those who have shared with me, from a perspective of love for romance. I am quite sure you will enjoy the sweet stories of these lovebirds and I will share them with you tomorrow.

Jessica Dumas
Certified Life Coach

Author: Jessica Dumas

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