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This is a message I shared with a group recently and I believe it to be true for everyone. I have also posted it on another blog site:

Everything that you want in your life is up to you to pursue. Each bright idea that you get, is inspiration, it’s a message that only you are getting at that moment, and you need to listen. Open your mind, and remember to keep your mind open, make time to for your mind to be free so that you can listen to the inspiration. A full life is good, but filling your spare time with effortless and mindless activities like sitting in front of a tv for a day or interacting with friends to you means browsing facebook, these are not the situations you will likely find yourself when opportunity knocks.

You have to take action. Act on something. If you have a grand idea that you want to create a new item or a new company, you might not have all the resources to implement it at that moment, but you must take action: take notes, do research, ask questions, think of what you will name it, what will you do on a day to day basis if this company or idea were to be implemented. Always take action. You don’t have to know the how to grow the why.

Why do you want something? Always ask yourself why? This is your motivation. I love to give encouragement and motivation on taking action and making decisions on the choices you will make that will make the rest of your life. Maybe it will matter, maybe you never think of it again, but I am motivated by sharing my experiences with you, hoping that you will listen and have an incredible life because you decided to be very aware of your choices. Remember your why and this will motivate you. If you don’t know you’re why, find it.

Find what motivates you. What excites you? Ask your friends and your family, What do I get excited about when I talk about it? When does my voice get louder and I can’t stop smiling about? What makes me happy? What do I like doing for people? What gets me excited? What is my dream? No one has ever been successful doing something that they didn’t love. Find what you love.  And follow it. Anyone who has ever been successful in what they did, was doing something that they loved.

Be sober and take responsibility for your decisions. Chose to be positive. Having a bad attitude and a good attitude is your choice. Consider it a pair of pants you put on. If you wake up and you’re grumpy, and things go on through out your day, consider you are wearing your grumpy pants. And imagine you change your pants, and put on your happy pants, or your party pants. Or your glasses. Your grumpy glasses and your happy glasses. But make the choice.

Not making a choice is making a choice. You are choosing not to care, not to change, not to be happy. It is a choice.

Chose to be confident. Each of you are an amazing creation. You are unique, you are supposed to be different. You are supposed to have different ideas, different styles, different ideas, different interests, different hair, different incomes, different history’s, different family structures, different goals, different opinions. Speak them. Be confident in who you are and how you are different. You are what makes the world go round. You are the future of this community, this city, this province, this country, this continent and this whole world. Without your differences, this world would be pretty lame, nothing would change, no one would be happy, nothing would improve, and nothing would be created.

 Jessica Dumas

Certified Life Coach

Author: Jessica Dumas

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