I had a conversation with one of my best friends recently. He works for a large company and is looking into other departments he could potentially venture. He has strong unique skills in different areas, and definitely strong interest and qualifications for the department he wants. Just like all of us, we already own the natural skills and abilities to live out our highest potential. I was pleased for him. So pleased that it made me cry. During our discussion, I literally started crying! I get so frustrated. I aim to live and fulfill my purpose every day. I believe that I should do what I love, every day. My income, should stream from what I love. My time should be spent on what I love. My life, should be filled with everything that I love. I accept that I haven’t busted into my dream life yet. I’m still renting a town home and I desperately need a new sectional.

But unlike him, I don’t have an organizational catalogue of jobs, or a specific job title or position within a company that I strive for. I never did. I’ve never had a goal to be a “nurse” or an “accountant” or a “flight attendant”. My dream job is not made yet. My dream job is undefined. (Which according to the law of attraction is an error on my part…I’m working on it!), So I allow myself to fall under the “entrepreneur” category. Although I have not made enough money to support myself for a week. So technically I’m still in the ‘starting’ phase…
I have a strong desire to bring people with like minds together and facilitate conversation for folks who feel the same desires, frustrations and are wanting to fulfill their potential but are still in the starting phase. I call us StarTreps; Starting Entrepreneurs.

Maybe we are still in the idea phase. Maybe we already have an idea. Maybe we have pre/launched! Maybe we need support, discussion or encouragement from other StarTreps because the people who are ok with “go to school, get a job, retire” keep telling us to “get a job!” and worse they tell us “That’ll never work“.

I work too, I have a job (or many jobs). I have to survive and I have respect for our community and our economy. And I like stuff! (And I have three growing boys to support!)
So I am proposing a coffee gathering. It’s free to attend. You buy your own coffee. It’s open to everyone, you don’t have to share your ideas, you can come just to chill and enjoy your coffee. But I’m excited to start the conversation and facilitate the potential. Send me an email for more info.

Jessica Dumas

Certified Life Coach

[email protected]

Author: Jessica Dumas

Follow me on Twitter @https://twitter.com/Jessicadumas01 Facilitator, Indigenous Advisor

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