Glass overflow?


Age old question; Is your glass half full or half empty? Well after listening to and reading many theories, It is all in your perspective right? You decide how you would like to see your glass! Your perspective is rather easy to identify from others too, because it comes out in your attitude. But you are smart, and you make the best of it and you put on a good cover. But you really are not satisfied with where you are at today.

I was listening to a YouTube message from Earl Nightingale, he suggests that a good way to quickly define your attitude is to answer this question: Do you feel the world is treating you well? if your answer is a quick yes, you have a good attitude. If your answer is No, your attitude is bad. if you have trouble deciding, your attitude is probably average. Now I know that not everyone is going to agree with this statement. Crappy things happen! I have had PLENTY of crappy things happen in my life; I’ve tragically lost close family members (over and over) and my ex-husband left me with three children to raise on my own, and that’s just to name a few.

But I always choose to be optimistic and do my best to view my life from a “cup overflowing” perspective. It is work, every day, to reach that mentality, but it is worth it to me to always know that I can seek in and rely on a reserve of abundance when I trust the universe will provide. I’ve learned to understand the frequencies of attitude within and how it brings about the realty in life. I hope you can learn this too. Feel free to comment or inbox with any questions or to start a discussion.

Jessica Dumas

Certified Life Coach

Author: Jessica Dumas

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