Personal & Professional Development Workshops for ‘usually stressful workplaces’

Personal & Professional Develpment Workshops for 'usually stressful workplaces'

I’m very excited about this upcoming workshop I put together for CFS/front line/youth/community Workers.

The workshop will facilitate Group Discussion, having the opportunity to share the stresses of work responsibilities, a sort of a safe-venting opportunity. Then we will take time for a Personal Reflection, to remember why we do this work, what keeps us here, what our goal intentions are (these sometimes fade in the frustrations and overloads of work), and then we come back in some Team Building. This also emphasizes that we often have the same experiences and we need reminders that we are not the only one, or the first one for that matter, to be going through a life event or work stress, and knowing this can be helpful. We close of with a Community Success Mantra, which will be different for every group, some might chose a slogan that will be used to encourage each other, some might chose a MESS Strategy (Mental Emotional Safety System) that each person will receive support, knowing that each person is entitled to it.

I am so excited to share this workshop. Please contact me for more info or to set up a workshop for your organization! One on One and Couples Coaching is also available.

Thanks for your time!

Jessica Dumas
Certified Life Coach

[email protected]

Author: Jessica Dumas

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