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I have always been a fan of receiving fantastic customer service, mostly because I make sure to always give fantastic customer service. I ‘served’ 10 years with Manitoba Hydro and we received some pretty informational and pretty helpful customer service training, because a lot of people are unhappy when they open up their gas bill, hmmm. Anyway, I think I may have liked the training a lot because I suddenly wanted to be a trainer. That opportunity didn’t seem to present itself to me while I was at hydro, but all these years later, and a few ‘jobs’ later and plenty of ‘self development’ later, I find myself still bothered with the customer service that I seem to receive while visiting or calling the businesses of which I utilize. So instead of complaining about the service I wish I would receive, I decided to act on something I have been wanting to act on for years!

Further experience I call ‘customer service’, includes my experience in dealing with people of all walks of life and all levels of society, my time as a department manager, my service as a Mary Kay Consultant, as a free-lance contract worker for planning and other project managing activities, and more recently my work as a professional certified Life Coach, all required these customer service skills that I have demonstrated and  matured, and these such skills have caused me to launch my own version of Customer Service Training and so it begins.

I am very pleased to share that I have completed a first level of customer service training to a staff of 30 plus members, with materials that are specific to their job market. It was very well received and improvements have already been recognized in the workplace. I have yet to facilitate level 2, and in the meantime are negotiating two more contract opportunities. The moral of the story is #followyourdreams.

Wish me luck! Call for a free consultation and most of all #hirealifecoach!

Jessica Dumas

Prime Image Life Coaching

[email protected] 204-770-7569



Author: Jessica Dumas

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