Positive Thinking

What is the best way to change negative thinking into positive thinking? There are tools that you can use but it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing you have to do is take action, choose do something about it now. We need to think about the importance of positive thinking and better mental health and how it affects every area of our lives and all of those around us,  and it is up to us to do something about it. If you are unhappy with things that surround you in your life, you have a better chance of changing your thinking into better thinking, than you do having everything in the world and everyone in your life come into perfect harmony with your expectations. When emergency service personnel prepare for their work, they do the training prior to crisis, before the intensity of events and they do it by retraining their instincts by repetition. In this same way, we ‘install’ new positive thinking messages to our brain and intentionally write positive statements that we by practice and we repeat to ourselves, and repeat to ourselves, and repeat to ourselves, and repeat to ourselves, and repeat to ourselves, so that when the challenge comes, you have practiced methods that will begin to automatically kick in and after a while, will begin changing your whole life.

I’ve had times of stress that i was intentional about changing my thoughts that played in my head, for example when struggling with ‘not enough’ changing my thoughts of worry to “everything always works out for me” and then when times would come where I need to pay a bill and I need to get food or gas, my thoughts would automatically go to “everything always works our for me” and I tell you, that repeating that to myself, and feeling the feelings of “everything always works out for me” is much better than the feeling of “not enough” and my whole life begins to know and trust that everything always does work out for me!

Your thoughts really do create your world. And we aren’t always good enough to ourselves. Change is a process, we didn’t get this way overnight and we shouldn’t expect that we are going to change our whole world over night.

So make the decision to change your way of thinking, start anywhere you want. Maybe it’s not having enough, or not having the job you want, or the car you want, or wanting to quit smoking or wanting to have more energy or a better relationship.

Write out the opposite of the negative thinking, and find a quiet time to repeat the new lines of information to yourself, over and over and over and over. and watch how things begin to change and how your thoughts will begin to turn to the new information you’ve installed!

For more support in writing out your new life and coaching, call me for a free consultation and see if we are a good fit. Good luck!

Jessica Dumas, Life Coach



Author: Jessica Dumas

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