Confidence Blast


(Wo)Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is. ~Albert Camus

Often I will talk about confidence but I want to be clear I am not talking about a cocky, vanity type of power trip that annoys people, I’m talking about shining your light brightly and allowing yourself to truly be who you are uniquely meant to be! It’s not holding back or being shy when talking about the things that you love! It’s feeling ok to express new, different ideas and feeling safe enough in who you are, to know that if someone doesn’t get it, they really don’t understand your passion, that is ok! Bask in that confidence. Natural confidence glows and flows, it shouldn’t be forced. Accept yourself! Feel good! Pass it on! #iacceptme #confidence #hirealifecoach


I love sharing this message with young ladies. If you can think of a group that should hear it, send me a note!

Stay warm Winnipeg!

Jessica Dumas