Choosing good thoughts


I used to have anxiety attacks weekly. The first time was in 2007 and it was very strange. I had this buzzing feeling in my chest and I felt very ‘out of place’. I didn’t know what this feeling was. I didn’t find out right away either. It was weeks and a few anxiety attacks later, that I overheard the term ‘anxiety attack’ and did a little bit of research. I was shocked. I had an anxiety attack! Of course I didn’t tell anyone. No one talked about anxiety so I must have been the only one, so I thought.

My experience was, I was a super hero, or super mom really. A single parent, raising three amazing, rambunctious boys. I had to support them, feed them, discipline them and love them. I was there house and home and heart.  And I had to stay sane. So yes, I did sit beside my bed on the floor, often with my head between my knees, scared and crying. And I may or may not have broke a few things.

I have had many reasons to give up and give in to the negative thinking and how it could take my life where ever negativity takes it. But i knew there had to be more and i reached for it. I remembered that there were times in my life that i felt positivity so pure, love so grande, that I didn’t have to stay here in the world of anxiety and there was a way out.

The first revelation was that there was an opposite to negativity. There is an opposite to everything. I used those opposites: sanity, ease, comfort and love, to focus on, and leverage the strength  to get to the next step. It doesn’t just happen. It takes work and real desire. As a Life Coach, I wouldn’t offer to help anyone through anything I couldn’t relate to. What is in your control and what is not? Your thinking is under your control, how other people behave is not. Be intentional with your thoughts, and change your whole world.

Along with being intentionally positive with my thinking,  I used processes like meditation and creating a happy place. Positive thinking makes you feel good. You can decide if you need to try it more often.

My anxiety has practically dissipated. When it comes, it is much less often, much more bearable and leaves quicker!

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Author: Jessica Dumas

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