I love romance; anyone who knows me knows this by now. Romance is not what you see in the movies and only what is written in books, it’s not fantasy and heroes or exaggerated daydreams, it is real and I have a goal to show you! I believe in love, romantic spirit, courtship and men being gentlemen and ladies being ladies! John Gray describes your soul mate as being someone who shares all of physical chemistry, emotional chemistry, mental chemistry and spiritual chemistry. Let’s play with that.

My Lovebirds projects highlight and celebrate examples of couples who are “doing it right” because based on the foundations of a healthy relationship they desire and plan (and work!!!) to keep love alive and real in their lives. They love each other (and like each other), they are honest, respectable, hardworking people… and I admire what they have. I am however, quite in love as well.

Project LOVEBIRDs 2015 has begun. My friend and amazing Photographer and Videographer, Doug Thomas (and my previous Lovebirds project participant with beautiful wife Tracey. is joining me as I seek your love stories for a recorded version!  If you are interested or know someone you would recommend, let me know! Text 204-770-7569 or send me a message at

Help me shine light on what is good and true in love. Also Share your lovebird pics and stories with me! Use #lovebirds #loveleaders so I can find you!

Jessica Dumas

Prime Image Life Coaching, 204-770-7569

Author: Jessica Dumas

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