Up Next: My Reconciliation Story

I would like to make an announcement! Effective Immediately, I am managing my company full time, Prime Image Life Coaching as Professional Coach & President! In an exciting change of events, I am no longer working with a firm. (It was great times! And thank you for everything!)

I will continue to offer individual and group communication & skill building type workshops, as well as professional speaking engagements & event emceeing but what i’m most excited about is focusing on Indigenous Reconciliation Strategies for Business, and sharing my very own reconciliation story (I can’t wait to see what it looks like).

In January 2005, my youngest brother, Matthew, was killed by the police. It was a public and tragic event for my whole family. We all find ways to cope and manage loss, I was able to find healing through relationship building and asking questions. Questions that ultimately led to me having the best relationship of my life, with a police officer.

I am very excited about my next journey as I share my story on how I was able to experience reconciliation for such a precious experience, as I help others take a lead on their own reconciliation strategies.

I’m ready to talk when you are. Please connect.

Jessica Dumas

Professional Coach & President

Prime Image Life Coaching