How Far Will You Go in 2017?

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How Far Will You Go?


Here is my gift to you! Because I want us all to succeed! We are all in this together and I want to plan the best year for 2017! Join me on facebook by following my page @JessicaDumas01 at 12 Noon on January 6th and January 13th, to EXPLORE and make the best INTENTIONS for 2017.

These 2 Webinars are FREE for new members! We will explore some things to consider when making goals and resolutions, how to define your vision in session 1 “What is your Vision for 2017?” and in session 2, after you had some brain time with your ideas, we will strategize, how to “MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

Change is a process and to be successful, you need to take some time and be intentional with it. Let’s do it together. Set your alarm and show up! See you then!




Happy Holidays to everyone! I am in the process of launching my online coaching program, “My Prime Image”. I titled my company this name because we all have that inner being where all of our passion and secrets are hidden. My program aims to help bring that prime image, more strength and voice, to give you a happier and more fulfilling life.

My Prime Image Life Coaching program will help you master your mindset and have make 2017 & the rest of your life, the best of your life.

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