Jessica Dumas

Jessica is the President of Jessica Dumas Coaching and Training and the host of The Confidence and Communication Podcast. She is a professional certified Coach who specializes in speaker coaching, helping women speak their truth with clarity and confidence. She is an energetic and motivated professional who quickly gains the trust of her clients and audience with her warm and engaging personality and professional style.

Jessica’s career started with over 10 years experience in a corporate environment before gaining a certificate in Conflict Resolution and Workshop Facilitation and since has become a sought-after speaker in the areas of Women in Business, Leadership and identity. She has spoken at over 100 events as a keynote, Emcee, Moderator and Panelist. She’s been a pitch Judge and Wedding Commissioner and can be found doing tons of Facebook & Instagram lives. She’s been featured on radio/tv/magazines/podcasts and introduced Michelle Obama on a stage of 7,500 people. She’s spoken at Universities, business networks, Chambers of Commerce, National Museums, School Divisions, National Companies, National Summits and government officials! PLUS She has a TEDx talk and Disrput HR talk & has made $100K+ doing it…without a speakers bureau or toastmasters. She’s raised three sons getting paid to speak and her next speaking dream is to help you do the same.

Jessica has certificates in Advanced Business Design Facilitation from the University of Toronto and Rotman School of Management Executive Programs. She also completed the Advanced Program in Management, Leadership & Strategy from the University of Manitoba Asper School of Business. She best utilizes her training in Workshop Facilitation skills and Facilitation Fundamentals. Her certificate training also extends to Restorative Justice, Communication Skills and Customer Service.

Jessica is a band member of the Anishinaabe community, Keeseekowenin First Nation in Manitoba, Treaty 2 and her favorite place to connect with you is on instagram @jessicadumas01