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My first month as Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Chairperson

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Where it all Began

As I reflect on my first month as Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce chair, I’m taken back to why I got into being in business as an entrepreneur in the first place.  I spent my first professional years ‘job hopping’ and trying to find work that I was passionate about. A few of my initial opportunities had some connections to things I liked, such as event planning, social media, but I definitely gravitated to meetings and workshop facilitation. After getting a taste of doing things  I loved to do, it was hard to go back to anything that I wasn’t 100% passionate about. Some jobs had perks and benefits that kept me longer, like expense accounts and free parking, but at the end of the day, I wasn’t happy unless I was serving my dream. I love that as an entrepreneur I can take my business wherever I want to.

I think this role at the Chamber of Commerce is part of my destiny. I was invited to serve as Chairperson and I have always looked at leadership as service and a responsibility. It is an honour to be asked to serve as chairperson for such a reputable & influential organization. The initial conversation was in 2014 or 2015 and I said yes right away. It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously but at the same time I know I am going to have a lot of fun.

Memorable Moments

A major professional and personal highlight that has already happened in my role was when I introduced Michelle Obama to Winnipeg at a Chamber event on September 24th, 2019. I was Incoming Chairperson at the time and that was definitely my favorite experience. The coolest thing I have ever said on stage was “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama!” I still get goosebumps when I say it! 

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM)  and Swearing-In-Ceremony was also very memorable. We invited Elder Norman Meade to share an opening prayer and he lead us in the most outstanding prayer. He asked all the men in the room and invited them to join him in a prayer specifically for the women. It was incredible and beautiful. In my swearing in speech, I shared some thoughts on my experience and vision, and I received a standing ovation. It was a moving experience for me. 

No Surprises so far

Being on the board for nearly 5 years, I can’t say that there have been any ‘surprises’. What has been most impressive is seeing how the staff communicate and work together. It has been fun getting to know our CEO, as we now have more phone calls and check-ins, but they are an amazing group of people who know their roles and I love working with all of them. I am excited about bringing my experience to the greater Winnipeg audience and adding value where possible. I have a lot to offer and I know the Chamber will give me plenty of opportunities to demonstrate that, whether through facilitating meetings, luncheons or other speaking opportunities. 

An Indigenous Woman’s Perspective

I have had a couple of conversations with groups who still see no women on boards and I think it is a shame. Unless your mandate is to simply serve men, you’re doing it wrong. My perspective as a women is proper corporate decision making needs to reflect the community you serve and that means ‘diversity’, and that includes women and LGBTQ+ peoples.

Twenty years ago, I heard that the Indigenous population would be one of the fastest growing populations in our province, and that then it would be ‘our best interest to build relationships and engage with them now’, and today it is even more urgent to engage.  There are a lot of great things happening in our city, but there is still so much work to do. Engaging with Indigenous populations is smart business.

Onto the next 30 days…

So, my first month has been extremely fantastic. I feel like there has been a lot of momentum with celebrating the welcoming stage of the role and in the next 30 days we will have had our first luncheon, business mixer and board meeting! So it’s really time to get down to business, but I will keep celebrating.

Get Involved with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

There are lots of ways to engage and you don’t have to wait for the chamber to come to you, come out to us! ‘The Chamber’ is a group of people who are working together to make great things happen for themselves but also for the greater community. Not only can the chamber do great things for your business and network but there are so many people out there with such incredible talent that it gets me excited to imagine all the amazing things that can happen out of new relationships so If you haven’t already, come and check it out.

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An inspirational day with Michelle Obama

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Interview with Jessica Dumas

by Joel Parent of JPC (Joel Parent Consulting)

You recently introduced Michelle Obama at an event in Winnipeg, how did this all come about?
Original plans of Michele‘s visit was scheduled for November, at that time I would’ve been chairperson of the Winnipeg chamber and the special opportunity to introduce her would’ve been obvious as chairperson. But she came in September which meant Scott Sissons was still the chair person. But he got to introduce Barack in April, so between him and Loren Remillard our CEO, they graced me the opportunity!

How did you prepare for an event like this? Were you nervous?
I was more excited than nervous. I’ve spoke many times and really enjoy speaking in front of a crowd. Preparation for this event was different in the way that the chamber drafted the presentation and it had to be approved by Michelle‘s event crew.

I practiced the script several times because I wanted to have most of it memorized but was thankful I could bring the notes on the stage with me. With all of the practice that I’ve had speaking, my level of nervousness was real low. It was still there a tiny bit, but it was low.

Did you get a chance to personally meet Michelle? What was that like?
I got to meet Michelle twice! The first time was behind the stage, moments before we went up, and second when I got to take a photo with her at the VIP event. 

The first time was like seeing an angel, she really is larger than life, in the way that her aura and energy is strong and loving. She’s very tall and so graceful. She came toward me with her arms out for a hug and said “Hi Jessica!!” I felt like a little girl!

Were you surprised by anything Michelle said?
I wasn’t surprised, I was pleased. Her presentation was so open, so relatable, as a woman I could connect to many of the things she talked about, except for of course presidency and living in the White House. Haha. She could be a friend! And I wish every woman I know could have been there. 

What was your favorite takeaway from Mrs Obama’s comments?
I loved how she confidently expressed “I’m Michelle Obama!” In a way that “Ya, I know who I am, I am a powerful woman and you should know that too!” Something I truly believe in is that when we allow ourselves to shine in our own power, it allows others around us to shine in their own power. 

My Sweetheart often says to me “who are you?” And makes me respond, “I am Jessica Dumas.” And it always makes me shy. Hearing Michelle feel so proud saying her name so confidently makes me feel more confident to say In my own strength and power “I’m Jessica Dumas!”

Were you inspired by anything at the event? How do you plan to use that inspiration?
Michelle Obama is today’s Princess Diana. A strong beautiful woman using her platform and power for good. And yet she says she is just like everybody else. We all have the power to do good things, say good things, be a good person. And whether our platform is big or small, we have the power to do something. I plan to keep that message with me forever. 

How can people get in touch with you to use your public speaking/hosting skills?
They can go check out my public speaking service page right here.

How Far Will You Go in 2017?

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How Far Will You Go?


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Happy Holidays to everyone! I am in the process of launching my online coaching program, “My Prime Image”. I titled my company this name because we all have that inner being where all of our passion and secrets are hidden. My program aims to help bring that prime image, more strength and voice, to give you a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Up Next: My Reconciliation Story

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I would like to make an announcement! Effective Immediately, I am managing my company full time, Prime Image Life Coaching as Professional Coach & President! In an exciting change of events, I am no longer working with a firm. (It was great times! And thank you for everything!)

I will continue to offer individual and group communication & skill building type workshops, as well as professional speaking engagements & event emceeing but what i’m most excited about is focusing on Indigenous Reconciliation Strategies for Business, and sharing my very own reconciliation story (I can’t wait to see what it looks like).

In January 2005, my youngest brother, Matthew, was killed by the police. It was a public and tragic event for my whole family. We all find ways to cope and manage loss, I was able to find healing through relationship building and asking questions. Questions that ultimately led to me having the best relationship of my life, with a police officer.

I am very excited about my next journey as I share my story on how I was able to experience reconciliation for such a precious experience, as I help others take a lead on their own reconciliation strategies.

I’m ready to talk when you are. Please connect.

Jessica Dumas

Professional Coach & President

Prime Image Life Coaching