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Plan your thinking, save your life

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think positively

I had a great day today, hope you did too, but let me tell you that my day didn’t start out so great. I had to work at it. I accomplished that by working on my thinking patterns. Often in coaching, that’s my goal of what I want to get down to talking about is peoples thinking patterns. However it is just not that easy to get people to respond to “Tell me everything you are thinking about, word for word, right now!”, haha, so I work on the relationship, which to me is most important.

That’s my mind ninja-customer service trick, getting down to thinking patterns, where it all begins. I have some things going on in life, as all of us do, with kids and work and all that jazz, and I woke up feeling not-so-great. But my bigger mind-ninja trick is more basic really. I PLAN to have positive thinking patterns. It’s work! And it’s a process. You’ll often hear me say that just like we want our emergency responders practicing and preparing and training before the actual crisis, we have to practice and prepare for our stress crisis. It is in the down-time that we have to decide what does positive thinking mean to us? Where do we want to go with our thoughts? And where would we rather be, thought-wise? We should care about these things!

Emergency responders don’t get to a crisis and say “What do we do? I don’t like the way this is going” and desperately seek for resolve, no, they prepare over and over and over and over on how to respond to numerous life or death situations until it becomes a natural reaction. (Maybe there is a way you relate to this? Please let me know. As a mother I know that when I hear crying or see blood, I click into E.R. mode.) Emergency responders are prepared for crisis when it hits because they have practiced scenario after scenario, role play and thought exercises, so that when crisis hits, their mind goes into a focused auto pilot of knowing exactly what to do. (THANK YOU TO ALL EMERGENCY RESPONDERS!!!) They can now respond to the crisis with tools they have practiced and they know what to do! Genius. They respond with sureness and not question that they are going to do their best effort in resolving this crisis. This is what we need to do with our thinking.

Often I am replaying thoughts in my mind of, and making notes in a journal of ‘what I would prefer to happen’ and what the ‘best solution’ would be. I am making lists and focusing on solutions and meditating on goodness, wellness and positive aspects. So this morning when I woke up in a not-so-great mood, my mind would not let me go past a certain point because I have practiced more upward thoughts than not! I am so blessed and thankful for these experiences. My mind went right to reasons I need to appreciate, reasons why I am blessed and all the things I love and appreciate about my life and what I have to look forward to. We all have those things to be thankful for, even when we think we have not.

Every morning we each wake up with a clean slate. Sleep cleanses our thoughts like turning on the dishwasher at night. It is us that makes the mistake of letting our minds wander and remember ‘oh ya, I’m miserable because of…” and there we go again. But if you can start practicing your emergency thought crisis planning now, deciding what that would look like and feel like, you can start to get out of that mindset quicker when the crisis happens. It definitely takes practice. Change is a process!!!

Create positive statements and affirmations to recite at random times throughout the day, especially before bed and when you wake up. Those are precious times. Your mind is between a state of sleep-unconsciousness and consciousness, which is a sneaky way to reach your beliefs. Your beliefs after all, are just what you continue to think about all the time.

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Jessica Dumas

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Five things you’ve been doing wrong all your life

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1. Doubting yourself: Be intentional and trust the choices you make. You may not be where you want to be, but your not where you used to be and you have to believe in yourself.

2. Not accepting complements: It’s nice to have reassurance from our peers, if someone gives you a compliment, you take it! There is power in the words Thank You! Start now!

3. Not forgiving: Ever hear the term “Holding on to anger is like holding a hot potato and expecting the other person to get burnt?” That’s unforgiveness. Choose to forgive, it’s a key to feeling free. You are only hurting yourself.

4. Waiting for something to happen instead of making something happen: We need to put our dreams our there in the universe and then we need to take action. Follow inspiration. Do something. You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the next step!

5. Not believing that something awesome can happen for you. If you are not open to believing something awesome can happen, you are actually closing off those opportunities. You MUST to believe that you can receive something amazing, and be open to something amazing.

Jessica Dumas
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It has been many years since I have strolled down Selkirk Avenue. Today, I start a new journey as a project coordinator out of a Selkirk Avenue office. I came in this afternoon to dust off the desk of the previous coordinator, who is closely at reach for all my questions, Thank goodness. And because I am spoiled, I didn’t bring myself a lunch and there is no Tim Hortin’s on the block. Looks like I’ll be driving to Neechie Commons, which is not a bad thing at all!

I went to introduce myself to an E.D. down the street at another network centre, and as usual, in the midst of a conversation, got called Jennifer, no problem, happens all the time. What was most impressive to me today is that north end “renewal” projects have been physically renewing these buildings and workplaces. It’s awesome. As I have driven through these streets last few years, I didn’t know the extent of the positive changes and active business activities that are happening in these places. The flash backs begin.

The office I am working in I immediately remembered as an old antique store as soon as I walked in. My new roomie was generously Freebreezing the place and it was not as dusty as I remember it at all, and it has been replaced with nice and neat, donated office furniture instead of antique collectibles. Hello Non-profit. The lighting was the same, which makes it all the more fascinating.

One of my responsibilities is to get to know the neighbourhood, so I took a walk to a community network office down the street and when I walked in the door, I remembered walking into this same entrance about 20 years ago (OMG, did I just say 20 years ago?) and the building was joined with the next one and it was filled with discounted house hold furniture then. It was mostly clearance priced couches, bunk beds, tables and household accessories. Now it is a beautifully renovated business space. It was very refreshing to see and to meet the people I will be working with in the community.

I’m closer to family in this work location, this will be new to me too. I look forward to more flash backs and hope they are all as refreshing as these ones mentioned. Helping families and communities work better together and safe living in the community will be on my agenda for the next while. See you around!




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So this girl says to me “Have you ever heard of The Secret?” and I was like “UMMM, YES. I’M SORRY, AM I SCREAMING OUT OF EXCITMENT THAT YOU ASK? I LIVE BY THE LAW OF ATTRACTION EVERY DAY AND I CANT EVER FIND ANYONE TO TALK TO ABOUT IT!”. A problem that I “created” is that the conversation doesnt go much further than that, I think if I get too excited, people will think that I am crazy. Wait a second..that sounds familiar. I often think people might think i’m crazy. Oh well!!

I wrote earlier about how I was immediately obsessed with learning more and more about the Secret and the teachers that share the experiences and wisdom. Laurel Langemeier was one of the taechers, a millionaire maker and Yes! Energy, (The contest i attempted to enter was bunk, YouTube wouldnt allow me to load my video as instructed and no one would return an email, nor could i find a number to call and inquire. Boo!!) and further to her, Bob Proctor is anothr one I follow. Bob’s teachings can be found on YouTube under 11 Forgotten Laws, Pradigm Shifts & It’s not about the money.

and it get’s more exciting..

Bob Proctor refers to Napoleon Hill, so I figured, the best thing for me to do with that information is to look him up! Napoleon Hill is the author of the teachings Think and Grow Rich, a writer on personal success and the power of beliefs. It’s FREE on YouTube
Think and Grow Rich has been revised for the language of the 21st century and can be found in book or audio by Jamie McIntyre.

Napoleon Hill says that each success plan should find the support of a Master Mind Alliance. I am at the point now where I have to talk about my obesession with The Secret because I am not a beginner anymore and I need to find a Master Mind Alliance. But I really dont know how. How do I know who is really that interested and invested in this same mind set? And how do I find out by not sounding crazy?

I think I am relating this obsession to the obsession I had over Twilight. That is when people thought I was nuts. This is not crazy. This is exciting and real. Because as much as I love the warewolf, he is not real.

So I’ve decided to start a group. My plan is to get people together who want to talk about like minded personal success based on the principls of the Secret and any of the above mentioned teachings. It is not going to be a “just show up” kind of thing. I am the Hostess of the group, at a to-be-identified spot, and if you want to be in my group, we wll have a discussion on wheter or not this is the same group you might be interested.

And by the way.. i already have 5 members!

I will continue to grow my personal success on these principals, to which I have never invested more of my own personal time by choice, and loved every minute of it. I will find people who are interested in MyScript group and eventually my Master Mind Alliance will come to me. So far I have had amazing experiences with these teachings.

I would love to share more one on one. the information is free to everyone. The principals and teachings of the Secret should be taught in schools froma young age, that along with Human Rights!

Till next time!

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Live a good full life and don’t look back



I lost a baby brother 8 years ago. Okay, he wasnt a baby, but he was 8 years younger than me. He was 18. In a lot of ways it made me have to grow up and take care of some serius business for my mom. What it taught me the most was to appreciate life. People often tell me that I am always “so positive” and that if they called me when they were down, they felt better at the end of our conversation. I feel good about that. I work hard on “self development” to make myself that way but I truly beleive that the gifts I share are from Creator God and not from myself.

I looked at my Matthew & Leon tattoo yesterday, (Leon was my cousin, also 18 years old when he died, 14 months after Matthew, they were best friends), and I started crying and could not stop. I havent looked at this tattoo in a long time, the way I did last night. It was as if something jumped out to me to say “Hey, Remember!” and it occoured to me that with all of my heart and all of my wishes, I am meant to have the most fulfilling good life, because life is so short and it breaks my heart that Matthew and Leon didnt have a chance to make that declaration in their life.

Matthew and Leon, two aboriginal boys grown up in the North End, learning, maybe slowly or not at all, the possibilities of life. Maybe thay had hopes and dreams and wishes, that they never had the chance to develop into words, yet alone actions. Maybe they didnt know that they could have dreams. Because no one told me that when I was 18.

Today I dream big. Sometimes I think “maybe I should shut up? I havent accomplished a lot on my list of goals.” But maybe I should keep going and keep beleiving that I can reach those goals. Maybe I can’t tell Matthew and Leon that they can be anything they want to be, but I do ask most young people I meet “What do you want to do when you graduate high school?”. My intention with that question is to plants two seeds: 1. Me, graduate high school? and 2. What will I do after high school? Again, I ask these questions because no one ever asked me that when I was 18.

One of my many goals is to make life fun, rich and peaceful and do what I want to do and not to let obstacles stop me. I want to speak my mind and know and accept that I can be incredible. I always beleive that life can only get better and all the dreams and desires in our hearts are only for us and we give life to those dreams if we want to. I wish for everyone world peace, just kidding, I wish that people would be more confident in the fact that they can be awesome, and not let obstacles stop you and feel like you have to succumb your dreams to the views of what other people think.

I have lots of dreams.