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Professional Speaking & Leadership Coaching

🔥 Do you ever feel like you want to scream out loud because you just don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere?🔥  Or maybe you realize you have a powerful message inside of you that you just want to get it out?! Whether it is speaking on stage as a professional speaker, or growing your influence as an entrepreneur or industry professional, 1:1 Speaking Up! coaching might be for you.   

Why me? Because I get it!

Jessica has spoken at over 150 events

As a keynote, Emcee, Moderator and Panelist. She’s been a pitch Judge and Wedding Commissioner. You can find her leading a Facebook or Instagram live. She’s been featured on radio/tv/magazines/podcasts and she has

Introduced Michelle Obama on stage to over 7,500 people!

She’s spoken at Universities, business networks, Chambers of Commerce, National Museums, School Divisions, National Companies, National Summits and to government officials!


She has coached women all over Canada and the US, she has a TEDx talk and Disrput HR talk

& has made over $100K+ doing it!

Without a speakers bureau or toastmasters. And she raised three sons getting paid to speak. Her next speaking dream is to help you do the same!

2022 can be your best year yet! So, let’s do it together!

If you want to build your brand, speak with authority and influence, this is the program you have been waiting for. 

I can’t wait to hear about your passion! 🙌🏽✨

Cheers 🥂 to 2022! 

Professional Speaking and Leadership Coaching is an investment in YOU to help you to:

  • Gain clarity in your vision, message and dreams.
  • Establish true and lasting confidence and professional style.
  • Show up confidently where you want to.
  • Experience life-changing breakthroughs.

You feel stuck because you know you are meant for more! With coaching, you get enhanced performance, having a cheerleader really ramps you up! It increases your confidence because you are no longer on your mission alone. You get actual constructive feedback on ideas and actions, a pat on the back from our friends and family is nice, but sometimes you need more than that. You achieve your goals quicker, it’s like magic.

Jessica Dumas
Professional Speaker Coach

Topics Covered:

Professional Speaking – Social Media Marketing- Money Mindset – Positive Self-Talk – Affirmations and Auto Suggestion – Defining Purpose – Law of Attraction – Law of Allowing – Business Launch – Business Development

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