Creating the right energy in your business, so your business is not running you!

Coaching happens in many ways. For daily motivation,  following me on social media and watching out for free challenges and ways to engage, such as the Morning Win Challenge – Use these steps to change your life and get up earlier every morning to accomplish more in your day! 

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck and need a little push and just support from someone who ‘get’s-it’. I get it! We might have the motivation within us but it’s just not coming when you need it and you want more abundance in your life? Right? me too.

Can you imagine in one month, six months or a year, living the life that you want with the time you want, with the people you want, with the consistent income you want? Maybe you have a side hustle? or want to create the business, the life of your dreams?

Whether you are fully employed, self-employed now or want to be, work from home, run a small business, or manage a team, Lifestyle Coaching can help you hone your skills and make your dream life be your real life! Have opportunities to connect with other authentic leaders and to sharpen your personal and business skills. Your investment is gaining you:

  1. Education.
  2. Coaching
  3. Creative Supportive Community

It’s the ‘breakthroughs’ you will experience in your one-on-one coaching package that will change your life! The least that can happen is you gain faith in building your new life, with new insight, the best advice, new ideas and one new friend cheering you on!

Coaching, with major and lasting changes, and improvements, to creating the best life that you want to have now, can happen through my 6-month Lifestyle Coaching Program. Contact me for a no-obligation discussion on how to make this life-changing investment for you today!


Jessica Dumas

Professional Lifestyle Coach

Here is a free Assessment Wheel to get started on your interest in coaching! 

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True or False: I want to do what I am born to do.

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