Indigenous History; Truth and Reconciliation

In 2008, the Prime Minister of Canada made a public apology for their involvement in forcibly sending Indigenous children across the nation to Residential Schools. In 2015, Winnipeg was labelled ‘the most racist city in Canada’ by Macleans Magazine, and a year later, Winnipeg declared 2016 as ‘The year of Reconciliation’ and launched the ‘Indigenous Accord’. Despite the attention and growing interest and awareness, the Indigenous population is still significantly underemployed at a higher rate than those of Non-Indigenous decent. Creating a work culture that is diverse and inclusive is a key element to enhancing relationships and success in the workplace.

In 2018, Canada is still trying to understand the work of the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) and what it has to do with us. Jessica Dumas offers Solution Based Training for your business or organization to help you understand the Calls to Action from the TRC and how it affects us and the fastest growing population in Manitoba.

Half Day Seminar – Business and Reconciliation, Understanding Call to Action 92

The Indigenous population has been acknowledged as the fastest growing population in Manitoba, this happens the same time as the baby-boomer generation is starting to exit the workforce. In this seminar, participants will gain awareness and an understanding of the context of Indigenous people in Manitoba and Canada, understand the Calls to Action (CTA), specifically number 92 and be informed on resources to respond to the CTA.

3 Day Diversity Training with Indigenous Inclusion Focus

The 3 Day Diversity Training will engage participants in a new way to gain a deep awareness on the history of Indigenous people in Canada and create a new perspective and opinion based on stories you hear in the media.

In this package, you and your guests will participate in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise, a sharing circle, a smudge and more. Guests will engage with an Elder and/or Knowledge Keeper from surrounding communities. Have deep and life-changing discussions on why things are the way they are today and consider what we can do moving forward for a stronger and more informed Canada.

Day 1

AM      Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

PM       The KAIROS Blanket Exercise

Day 2

AM      Indigenous History, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Timeline to Today, What Treaty is not, Indian Status

PM       News, Current Trends, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Day 3

AM      Culture in the Workplace, Understanding Biases

PM       Culture and Conflict, tools, Where to go from here

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Hiring the right facilitator for your event can make or break your process. Jessica is a hired facilitator who’s goal is to help you accomplish more in your meetings, whether it be to resolve difficult and critical issues; find creative ways to make win-win situations; and more importantly, to help all participants experience positive feelings of engagement, stronger cohesiveness, and a sense of belonging to your team. An outside facilitator can make sure that a discussion is not dominated by the same ‘discussion stealers’, and keep the conversation on track while taking all your concerns into consideration.

Jessica is best known for her easy to understand and professionally developed programs that she has mastered over her years of facilitation. Here is a list of her most popular delivered programs, to name a few:

  • Essential Discussions for Indigenous Inclusion 
    • Redefining Diversity and Leadership:
    • The purpose of this workshop is to help businesses and organizations engage who want to ready themselves to work with the Indigenous Workforce so they can focus on day to day business;
    • This work starts with a 2-day Training session as well as a discussion with leadership on assessing their spot on Indigenous friendly readiness and a truth and reconciliation alliance.
    • The goal is to help business to become leaders in Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces;
    • Workshop ideal For Indigenous and Non-Indigenous community. May includes the KAIROS Blanket Exercise. Sessions include in-depth discussions to better understand Treaties, Indian Act, Residential Schools, the Calls to Action, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of indigenous people, myths, current issues and much more.
  • Facilitation & Presentation Skills
    • This 2-day workshop will teach you the skills using the 3E Facilitation model: Engage. Experience. Express.
      Learn how to engage your audience in fun interactive ways, Get your message across. Be a better communicator. Create engaging meetings. Learn to facilitate any workshop or topic & create ‘Train the Trainers’. Gain live feedback. Pull from knowledge in the room and more!
  • Communication & Customer Service Skills
    • If you work with people, you need these skills!• Client/Customer Service Excellence techniques & Dealing with Difficult Customers. Workshop leads participants to take pride in servicing others while recognizing the benefits our your organizations core services. Practice and recognize service skills is more than saying Hello! Benefits of making eye contact,  service on the phone, finding win/win solutions, creating positive service experiences.
  • Social Media for Business & Personal
    •  Want to be more ‘in the know’ with Social Media!
      Want to know what site to join? Why you join?
      And what to do after you join?
      Stay in touch, reconnect with friends,
      Strengthen your network online.
      Introduction to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Youtube.
      Use for your Business, Community or Organization
  • Consulting for Indigenous Inclusion, Planning, Coaching
  • Resume Building & Interview Preparation
  • Women in Business, Indigenous Women in Business
  • Women’s Empowerment
    • Empowering women and girls is powerful, Enabling them makes them unstoppable. This customizable program helps bring empowerment to women in your group or community. Improve access to knowledge in areas of: contribution to economy, using their own voice,  creating ideal presence, knowledge in an area of choice, vision of a bigger life, overcoming life’s obstacles, goal setting, welcoming money into your life.