Jessica Dumas is an Indigenous Professional Lifestyle Coach, Speaker & Facilitator with experience in:

  • Executive coaching
  • Group Facilitation and Training
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Social Media Marketing & Communications
  • Customer Service Training
  • Program Development and Management
  • Professional Speaking
  • Community Leadership

Jessica quickly gains the trust of her audience, with her warm and engaging personality and professional style. Jessica was recognized for as a finalist in the CBC’s ‘Top 40 Manitoban’s under 40’ for 2015 and the ‘2017 Future Leaders of Manitoba’.

Jessica’s consulting work comes usually as a result of training. For example, when a business or organization is seeking to hire or work with Indigenous people or work with specialized knowledge and design in Indigenous content, Jessica’s workshops break the ice, and she is hired as a consultant to help make the connections between the business’s needs (safety in knowledge of Indigenous relationship building and networks) and/or the job seekers (Professional Indigenous Individuals) and community, in general. Consulting work manifest in many ways such as:

  • On-going coaching for Individuals in management, skill development, and Indigenous knowledge-mentorship;
  • Indigenous Inclusion strategy;
  • Indigenous business or tourism coaching or facilitating;
  • Marketing to Indigenous community;
  • Event Emceeing;
  • Network to additional facilitators, leaders, professionals;
  • and much more.