I am joyful!


I am feeling really good today and wanted to share my morning affirmations! Please read over and over and enjoy!


Every single second, the universe is moving me closer towards who I am as a vibrational being. Everything is happening as it is supposed to. I am so thankful for everything that is around me in this very moment and everything that is lovely in my life and all of my relationships.

My life is continuously changing to more of what I prefer in life. I am enjoying the journey. I am always seeking happiness and joy. I am always flowing. I am having fun. I am me. I am love. I am a vibrational being. I am a magnet! I am absolute abundance in all things. The universe adores me. All is well, I am so loved!

I am hopeful. I am believing. I am trusting. I am relaxation. I am safe. I am allowing. I am freedom. I am joy. I am confident. I am learning. I am growing. I am elegant. I am classy. I am enjoying the best that this world has to offer NOW, while I am on this planet. I am.